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(Thriller) Les Hommes [DVDRip] 1973
RIP+UP | XviD-1156 | mp3@128 | 640x384 | French (no sub) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h26 | 800 Mb
France/Italie - 15 Mar 1973
Realisation Daniel VIGNE
Musique Christian Gaubert, Francis Lai

Avec Michel Constantin (Marisu Fantoni), Marcel Bozzuffi (Vinciguerra), Angelo Infanti (Leoni), Henry Silva (Everett), Vittorio Sanipoli (Grisoni), Denis Manuel (Sauveur Leoni), Francis Linel , Michel Bertay (Villedieu), Marco Perrin (Maestracci), Bernard Defive (Paulo)

Fantoni, un homme du milieu corse, est ml un trafic de cigarettes amricaines. Accus du meurtre d'un cad qu'il n'a pas commis, il est arrt. A sa sortie de prison, il veut se venger et abat ses anciens compagnons...

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Regarde la mer [See the Sea] (1997) - Franois Ozon
DVDrip | French | Subtitle: english (hard-coded), turkish | 52 min. | 640 x 352 | PAL (25fps) | XviD | MP3 @ 128kbps | 700 MB
Genre: Thriller

See the Sea offers a full study in quiet menace - Francois Ozon.

A mother and her infant daughter are vacationing at a lonely seaside resort. As they doze on the beach, backpacker Tatiana silently watches them from a cliff top and soon the trouble begins. See the Sea is all the creepier because it never leaves the realm of reality. Director Franois Ozon is beautifully restrained--he keeps the tension rising without ever going overboard or driving his characters into caricature. It's the tiny things that Tatiana does that give you the shivers.

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Obsesed (2009)
CAM.rip | RIP+UP | XVID | VideoWidth : 704 pixels | VideoHeight : 336 pixels | 29.970fps | VideoBitRate : 934 | MP3 | AudioBitRate : 128000 | 704 x336 | English | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h39 | 2.0 Gb
Steve Shill | Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller more
Starring: Idris Elba, Beyonc Knowles, Ali Larter, Jerry O'Connell, Christine Lahti

A successful asset manager, who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage. But a temp worker starts stalking him, all the things he's worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy.....

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R.W. Fassbinder - The Complete Movie Collection 1969 - 1982 (27 Movies)
DVDrip | English/German/French | Subtitle: see below | 62h30 | 704 x 416 | PAL (25fps) | XviD | MP3 @ 128kbps | 697 MB - 1.5 GB
Genre: Drama/Documentary

RS Download List of 27 Movies by R.W. Fassbinder plus 4 Documentaries

All movies with original German audio track plus english and various other subtitles, see individual listings. (Querelle was made in english).

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Fargo (1996)
Blu Ray rip | mkv | 720p | English | Croatian subtitles | h264 1280 x 688 5926 Kbps | Audio: ac3 6 channels 448 Kbps | 4.51 GB (3% Rec.)
Playing time: 1:38 | Genre: Crime, Thriller | IMDb 8.3

Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Harve Presnell, Peter Stormare. Dark comic undertones and excellent character actor performances dominate this richly macabre crime story gone awry flick by the Coen brothers(Joel and Ethan) involving pathetic used car salesman Macy so hard up for money and respect (not necessarily in that order) that he hires a pair of dim-witted thugs to kidnap his wife for ransom from his father-in-law's vast wealth in a plot-line that unravels with nice little twists and snags. McDormand (Best Actress) is perfect as a pregnant Midwestern sheriff on the case with a no-nonsense and homespun effect with her tactics of crime solving. Great cinematography by Roger A. Deakins accentuates the bleak winterscape of unearthed uneasiness. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Macy, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay

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